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Find out that SCIENCE IS CLOSER – Here’s the Spot Promoting ŚFN!

Check out our new spot promoting the 4th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE. The largest single-location indoor popular science festival in Poland is coming very soon – the nearest edition takes place on 25-27 January 2020!

The spot promoting 4th ŚFN was shot over the last two months both in Katowice (Spodek, Centre for Scientific Information and Academic Library, Silesian Museum) and away from the city (Ojców National Park, Polish Jurassic Highland). This set of locations was chosen to show different faces of science: waiting patiently for the flight of butterflies, watching a female runner near the Silesian Stadium, a swimming training, breath-taking rock climbing in the Jurassic Highland, a violinist playing on Mariacka Street and watching stars from the sightseeing tower of the Silesian Museum. The shooting of the final scene in front of the Stanisław Wyspiański Silesian Theatre enjoyed particularly great interest – the crowds were especially attracted by the outstanding fire show.

This year’s Festival motto says: SCIENCE IS CLOSER. It may encourage you to take a closer look at the beautiful and constantly surprising nature, deepen your knowledge about human body, learn amazingly simple technological solutions, and more. Participation in 4th ŚFN KATOWICE is an opportunity to watch the world through a scientist’s eyes, stimulate curiosity and creativity, look into the future with courage and cross your own boundaries.

The passion which unites different communities is an invaluable asset of the Festival. This is a space where young scientists can promote their fields of knowledge together with well-known specialists. ŚFN KATOWICE is an area for people at every age: children, youth, students, eminent researchers, renowned artists, travellers, journalists and outstanding foreign guests. The fourth edition of the event will mark the return of personalities from the last year, but also the appearance of new, equally great individuals who will join this exceptional community of knowledge.

What else can you expect from 4th ŚFN KATOWICE? Many unforgettable meetings and conversations, a huge dose of pioneering initiatives… and especially great entertainment – because what else is the science, if not a variety of life, an ongoing surprise and a constant incentive for development?

The last year’s edition was visited by 35,000 people. Join the audience of 4th ŚFN KATOWICE to make this number even bigger!

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