Registration for special events has started!

Registration for special events has started! We have announced the programme of events that will take place on the following five stages:






Admission to the events planned on the MAIN STAGE, SCIENCE VARIETY STAGE and E-SPORT POINT STAGE is free and does not require registration. On the other hand, we have a limited number of seats for lectures at the WORLD SCIENCE STAGE and SCIENCE CORNER STAGE - you can geistere here: WORLD SCIENCE STAGE and SCIENCE CORNER STAGE

Each stage will be visited by well-known and renowned guests. The MAIN STAGE will host e.g. the following lectures: "Secrets of the Apollo Project" by Jarosław Juszkiewicz, "What Will the 21st Century Bring Us?"by Seth Shostak, "Farming in the Space" by Dr. Tomasz Rożek, "Space: How Does Revolution in Space Flights Open the Future of Infinite Possibilities For Us?" by Dr. Robert Zubrin and "Feminine Forms - Are They a Trouble?" by Katarzyna Kłosińska. Moreover, Prof. Ryszard Koziołek will officially welcome the guests, give the lecture entitled "Teaching Reading for Democracy", as well as present the awards for POP Science and OFF Science competitions.

The WORLD SCIENCE STAGE will host a meeting with Darwin Film Group and Paulina Mikuła. There will also be lectures and science shows presented by Emer Maguire ("Science of Love"), Robert Zubrin ("Travel to Mars: People on the Red Planet in the Next Decade"), Prof. Wiesław Nowiński ("Atlas of Human Brain (and the Outcome for the Country)") and Declan McKenna ("The Science of Horror Movies - What Does Science Say about Horrors?"). 

The SCIENCE VARIETY STAAGE will host students of secondary schools from Katowice. There will also be performances of Student Song and Dance Ensemble "Katowice" and Wojciech Goles (concert and piano recital). You can also see a show of medieval knights. The lectures on this stage will include "Backstage of Formula 1" by Mikołaj Sokół, "The Age of SPACE 4.0 - Exciting and Full of Challenges" by Dr. Agata Kołodziejczyk, "Sensational History of Polish Scientists" by Wiktor Niedzicki and "Hypocrisy in our Relationships with Animals" by Dr. Andrzej Kruszewicz. This stage will also host the debate about POP Science competition.

The SCIENCE CORNER STAGE will host a meeting with Urszula Zajączkowska about her book entitled "Patyki, badyle" (Sticks and Stalks). Agnieszka and Adam Wojciechowski who run the channel called Okiem Chemika (Through the Eye of a Chemist) will talk about the new methods of teaching outside the school, whereas the lectures there will include "Chernobyl - Three Decades after the Disaster" by Krystian Machnik from, "Space Technologies for the Health of the Planet" by Agata Kołodziejczyk, "Hypocrisy in our Relationships with Animals" by Dr. Andrzej Kruszewicz, as well as "Climate - Facts and Myths" by Dr. Marcin Popkiewicz.

The complete list of events on the stages is available in the Programme tab. 

Feel invited to take part in the events!

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