Katowice – Host City of the Silesian Science Festival

Since the very beginning of ŚFN, the City of Katowice has strongly supported the organisers' ambitions to create a true science festival right in the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship. It goes without saying that ŚFN KATOWICE ideally fits into the trend of great changes that have been taking place in Katowice over the last few years.

Katowice is the official Host City of ŚFN. Thanks to the support of the City Hall, the festival is held in such a modern facility as the International Congress Centre, and this location, which allows us to gather so many activities in one place and in such comfortable conditions for the audience, is envied by many people in Poland and abroad.

Katowice City Hall will also be present at ŚFN in other forms. The festival space will include the stand of the host city with the relax zone and installation called „Observatory of Sound”, prepared by Kacper Mutke.

The „Observatory of Sound” is an interactive educational multimedia installation thanks to which you can see the sound. It consists of two parts: the first one is an animation providing the user with essential knowledge about the physical properties of soundwaves, whereas the other one is interactive. When generating sound by menas of controller - synthesizer, we obtain the image of produced sound, which is interpreted through the Vectrex screen, specially adapted for this purpose. The installation enables us to see the changes occurring in the course of sound upon changing the basic parameters, such as amplitude or frequency, adding audio effects and filters, or using the microphone. The whole experience brings the nature of sound closer to the viewer and shows the logic of images of harmonic vibrations, which are known in mathematics as Lissajous figures.

The Municipal Greenery Unit in Katowice will also have its stand in the climate and electromobility zone. It will host the exhibition entitled "Room in Green Climate", where Małgorzata Żydek-Piątek will present the plants that particularly affect the air quality in your house. You can also get familiar with the studies on accumulating capacities of plants to absorb heavy metals from soil and air. The Municipal Greenery Unit will also prepare the workshop "Humans vs. Microclimate", which consists in creating a microclimate closed in a jar, as a good practice in using the advantages of urban greenery to increase the biologically active surface. Forest in a jar is a good example of how a number of factors, e.g. variations in temperature, humidity, air flow, etc., have a real impact on the environment. The workshop will be conducted in two rounds (in groups of 10) and take approximately half an hour. The participants will get the materials and detailed instructions on how to create the forest in a jar, and learn the rules of appropriate care over these compositions.

We invite you to take part in the activities prepared by the Katowice City Hall and Municipal Greenery Unit in Katowice!


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