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About the Competition

How much time passes between conducting scientific research or publishing a book and the public spread of the results presented in it? It is difficult to answer this question conclusively, but it is certain that science communicators contribute to shortening that time. You can meet them during the Silesian Science Festival, but also in everyday life, on radio, during speeches delivered at schools, during local events, or in worldwide video services.

Blogs and websites are also some of the effects of the work done by science communicators. We would like to collect at least some of these numerous forms and channels of science communication in one place, appreciate them, and award selected forms and people. This is what the competition aims to achieve as a result of granting POP Science awards in the following categories:

  • Video Blog;
  • Blog or Website;
  • Radio Broadcast or Podcast;
  • Think Globally, Act Locally – Scientist and/or Lecturer from a University in the Śląskie Voivodeship
  • Think Globally, Act Locally – Resident of the Śląskie Voivodeship

The competition has an open character - any interested person may suggest ideas for nominations or submit their own initiative or an ongoing project. The Jury then announces the list of nominees. Winners are selected by all interested parties via an online voting at and by the Jury, with the ratio of 50% votes from Internet users and 50% votes from the Jury.


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