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Summary of recruitment for the 5th ŚFN

We have completed the recruitment for the programme of the 5th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE. This is a good moment to look at the statistics.
During both recruitments, we have received overall 608 applications, including 152 exhibition booths, 117 workshops, 247 lectures, 33 exhibitions, and 59 other activities. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to creation of this edition of the Festival, unique in many aspects. We are convinced that with such support we will manage to carry out an unforgettable event.

As we have already informed before, the 5th edition of Silesian Science Festival takes place exceptionally in the autumn, on 9-15 October.


The 5th ŚFN begins on Saturday, 9 October, with an official opening gala. On the following day, Sunday, 10 October, we will open a vast space spreading from the Market Square in Katowice to Jerzego Dudy-Gracza street. This vast terrain will host the Main Stage, other stages, fields of knowledge and special zones. There will be unique attractions for everyone who treats science as passion, curiosity, challenge or best form of entertainment.

... and online!

From Monday for Friday (11–15 October), we will meet in the virtual space. Everyone interested may participate in a number of online activities. There will be five exciting days – every day will be dedicated to a different field of knowledge (nature, technology, humanities and social sciences, exact sciences, medicine and health). There will also be art, programme for teachers, students, as well as for adults.

Work on the event organisation is sin progress, and we are doing our best, using all available physical and intellectual forces to get ready for action! At the moment, the producers of festival zones are contacting all reported exhibitors – everyone will be taken care of.

Thank you all!

We are happy to have you with us! We believe that thanks to our joint efforts we will create an absolutely unique event that will be talked about for a long time (in glowing terms!). See you during the 5th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE.


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