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Łukasz Wilczyński and Jan Pomierny have become ŚFN ambassadors

Silesian Science Festival ambassadors are individuals associated with different disciplines of science or art, who are active science communicators at the same time. Their support for the Festival in the form of participation or promotion of the event, are particularly valuable.

It is no wonder, then, that we are really happy with having new ambassadors. For this year’s edition of Silesian Science Festival, Łukasz Wilczyński and Jan Pomierny joined us as new ambassadors.

Łukasz Wilczyński is an astronomy communicator and space sector expert. He is the President of the European Space Foundation. He was the initiator and co-organiser of European Rover Challenge, currently one of the largest international robotics and space competitions in the world. In 2008–2013, he coordinated the work of the European branch of The Mars Society, a non-profit organisation whose goal is exploration and future settlement on Mars. Apart from that, Łukasz Wilczyński is the President of the Management Board of Planet Partners, a consulting company specialised in communication advisory and crisis management.

Jan Pomierny is the Creative Producer and CEO in Science Now, a studio specialised in scientific communication and development of new business projects at the intersection of science, education, art and entertainment. In 2012-2018, he was the Creative Producer at Platige Image, where he cooperated in the creation of a short film entitled Ambicja, which was part of the campaign promoting Rosetta Mission initiated by the European Space Agency. In Science Now, Jan Pomierny also takes part in the implementation of various popular science projects and programmes. “Polski Stół” (Polish Table), an artistic installation as part of the Polish Pavilion, created with the participation of Jan Pomierny, will be presented during World Exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

You can find the bios of our 12 ambassadors on this website.

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