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ŚFN available for everyone

Silesian Science Festival was designed to make science available for everyone. We cannot imagine a situation where non-standard people are excluded, because we know that they contribute to development in science and technology, whether as scientists and engineers, or as inspiration for many of them.

Breakthroughs in science, medicine and technology frequently happen as a response to a specific human need, limitation, disability, and numerous newly introduced solutions are ultimately used by everyone. This is why we develop the availability of Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE for people with special needs.

The Festival facilities include:

1) available space for individuals in wheelchairs and with baby carriages;

2) translation to sign language;

3) inductive loops to support the hearing of people with hearing aids;

4) training for volunteers in the rules of contact and support for individuals with disabilities;

5) internal transport for those who have problems with travelling longer distance;

6) baby changing and feeding station;

7) place where people with autism spectre disorder may calm down from an excess of stimuli and get help with understanding their uniqueness;

8) Availability Zone where you can overcome stereotypes, experience the world from a different perspective and get support when disability limits human development and capacities.

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