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Support for people facing homelessness

The problem of homelessness is multidimensional and extremely difficult. Very often we do not know how to react to people experiencing homelessness. Since the 5th ŚFN KATOWICE is for the first time organised in an open space, we decided to open ourselves to people going through the crisis of homelessness. 

We established cooperation with representatives of the Social Welfare Centre in Katowice, thanks to whom we are going to start a special zone called “Four walls of homelessness”. In a tent located directly behind the City and Water Zone on ul. Bankowa people experiencing homelessness will be able to get help and benefit from various pieces of advice. At the same time, the festival area will be inhabited by streetworkers whose task will be to facilitate the contact between the festival participants and people going through the crisis of homelessness. 

We are aware that contact with homeless people is often difficult. We often do not know how to behave. That is why we count on your cooperation with streetworkers. Let us remember that the homeless are interested in the world like all people. Let’s remember that the Rawa Scienceville is a place for everyone.

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