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“Water Awareness” on the Rawa River - an unusual project by Jagoda Woźna

Walking along the Rawa boulevards, you cannot help but feel that they have become a little more... colourful. It is the work of Jagoda Woźna, who painted the benches, pavement tiles and walls with a number of colourful designs. Her “Świadomość wody” (Water Awareness) project, prepared for the 5th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE intends to promote interaction between the river flowing here, somewhat concealed, and a stream of passers-by.

The artist points out that urban space often dominates nature, which makes us forget about the importance, power, and universality of nature. “It is nature that creates life, our bodies, our consciousness - it is everywhere,” emphasises Jagoda Woźny, asking the question of whether we take sufficient care of something so valuable to us.

A painting puzzle was created on the concrete architectural elements, made up of 40 separate paintings. Each of them carries a different message, evokes different associations, and encourages reflection. All the paintings also have a shared aspect. People visiting the place are invited to try to find out what it is.

Jagoda Woźny describes herself as a nomad who does not follow the beaten track. As a painter, she goes beyond the confines of the canvas. She is afflicted with “hyperactivity” and an insatiable curiosity about the world, a side effect of which is creativity and an inner need to create. She finds the abstract, magical origins of the human being in ancient civilisations, which, when juxtaposed with contemporary intellectual and material realities, bring her an endless source of inspiration. She finds her personal roots in spirituality, fascination with science, love for all living beings and nature, and the fairytale utopia instilled in her during childhood. She is of Polish origin, with a heart from the Earth and a spirit of an extraterrestrial being.

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