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'Our Lady of Szopienice' – a performance about Jolanta Wadowska-Król

During the 6th edition of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, you will have an opportunity to see a play presenting the story of the life of Jolanta Wadowska-Król, a doctor who in 1974 diagnosed a hitherto unknown disease – lead poisoning.

Jolanta Wadowska-Król examining her little patients, noticed a number of symptoms and conditions that could suggest heavy metal poisoning, which she reported to the Provincial Medical Consultant. With the partial support of the management of the Non-Ferrous Metalworks, she started research on lead exposure in children from Szopienice, Burowiec and Dąbrówka Mała. More than 4.5 thousand cases have been examined. After receiving the preliminary results, it turned out that the scale of the problem in this area is huge, and the results of the tests are terrifying.

Our Lady of Szopienice is a term coined by those who considered the lead epidemic to be a silly fiction. The management staff of the metalworks was against the actions of Jolanta Wadowska-Król, hence, to ambarrass her, she was given this mocking nickname. However, to this day she is warmly remembered in the districts for which she was responsible.

The dance performance ‘Matka Boska Szopienicka’ [Our Lady of Szopienice] was directed by Agnieszka Cygan – the granddaughter of the main character of the performance. She made an attempt to create an emotional performance combining the techniques of contemporary dance, jazz and hip-hop.

The performance will take place on Monday, 5 December at 12.30 noon on the I Like Science Stage. 

Registration is obligatory. Number of places is limited.




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zdjęcie Jolanty Wadowskiej-Król
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