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Gold, dungeons, and mysterious books — a little bit about the Humanities and Social Sciences Zone

Ever one of us has loved stories of brave knights, wise kings, lost treasures, and princesses trapped in high towers ever since we were little. Admittedly, we have no intention of imprisoning anyone anywhere, but the stand ‘Dark dungeon or a holiday resort? – questions about the future of the prison system’ is sure to grab your attention so effectively that bars and padlocks won't be necessary. You will find out what prisons look like in different countries and which are considered the best and which the worst. You will also have the opportunity to express your own vision of how the prison system should operate.

However, in order not to end up behind bars, listening to ‘Everything you don't know about taxes’ is advisable, especially if you are planning to travel. You will find out what you are absolutely not allowed to carry across the border, what the import and export limits are for certain goods, and you will have the opportunity to check the contents of your backpacks using a special vehicle.

If, however, you are more interested in time travel, we invite you to an interactive workshop entitled ‘From source to conclusion - or how to understand a historical source’, where you will not only learn about medieval heraldry and diplomacy, but will also be able to feel like a scribe and learn to write with a goose quill. Oh, it’s going to be fun!


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