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Let’s develop science together! – Gaia Vari project at 6th ŚFN

We have been looking at the sky and analysing the movements of celestial bodies Since antiquity – we wanted to understand their nature and the laws governing them. Modern science gives us even better tools than centuries ago, and therefore not only experts with scientific titles can be involved in the development of science – anyone can do it.

As part of the 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, the Gaia Vari project will be launched. The nature of the project follows the trend citizen science, meaning that not only specialists can participate: school and university students, science lovers, and everyone interested in scientific research.

Gaia Vari project concerns the topics of astronomy and exploring the universe. The name of the initiative was borrowed from the European Space Agency (ESA) space telescope – Gaia. The purpose of the tool is to make precise measurements of stairs in the Milky Way and objects beyond our galaxy.

Each of the festival participants is able to participate in the project inaugurated during the 6th ŚFN KATOWICE – together we can become co-discoverers of the universe!

Jan Pomierny, the ambassador of ŚFN who participated in numerous projects combining the topics of science, education and culture, talks about the Gaia Vari project.



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