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Science should be accessible to everyone!

We organise an event celebrating science, believing that no architectural, communication, mental or financial barriers should prevent people with disabilities from accessing education and the results of scientific research!

Here are the amenities we provided at the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE:

• Interpretation into sign language

As many as 7 sign language interpreters will work for you. They will be present on the main stage and at the workshops, if their presence was requested during registration. You will meet sign language interpreters right after entering the festival from Spodek Arena – at the accessibility point.

• Hearing assist technologies

Hearing impaired participants will be able to use the induction loop at the registration and information points, during lectures and workshops.

• Space accessible to people with physical disabilities

The event is organised in a building where there are no differences in levels, and the upper floors can be reached by elevator; where necessary, we will build ramps to the stages. We have also planned a relaxation area and alternative access to spaces that may be unattainable for people in a wheelchair.

• A space friendly to people on the autism spectrum

The festival area will include spaces friendly to people with sensory hypersensitivity. In the accessibility zone, you will be able to relax and talk to neurodiversity experts, educators and psychologists in comfortable conditions. In one of the conference rooms, we will create a space where you can isolate yourself from people, stimuli and calm down.

• Accessibility for foreigners

The accessibility point will provide service in Ukrainian and Russian, helping to choose activities for people who do not speak Polish well. Some activities are also available in English.

• Assistance for people with disabilities

Selected volunteers working at the festival were trained in assisting people with disabilities. You can meet them at the accessibility point and they will help you solve any non-standard problem.

• Accessibility Zone

We believe that accessibility starts with awareness. So we have created a zone where you will be able to get to know the world from the perspective of people with disabilities and see how science makes their lives easier!

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