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Plenty of attractions in exact sciences zone at 6th ŚFN!

In the Exact Sciences Zone, you can meet scientists from various fields (such as chemistry, computer science or astronautics), who have prepared lots of fascinating activities.

What can you learn?

Thanks to the exhibition stand 'Steganography, or the chemical protection against Pegasus' you will see how to write an encrypted letter that not even Pegasus can read, and learn how to produce inkaust – ink used in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition “Internet of things – programming is fun!” will take you to the fascinating world of coding and programming interactive objects! At the exhibition stand, you will find projects created around the Arduino open-source platform, such as educational robots, 3D printers, and open systems of home automation.

We have also prepared something special for space enthusiasts! Visit the exhibition 'Student Space Programme' and learn how to explore space. During the exhibition, you will be able to see what the process of building a model rocket looks like and how to receive satellite images.

Why are the colours of peacock feathers or butterfly wings so vivid? Is the sight of wet spots on the road always a consequence of rain? How is a rainbow formed? You will find the answer to these and other questions at the 'Magical colours of nature' exhibition!

Have you associated chemistry with either a boring subject at school or the shady adventures of Walter White from Breaking Bad? Thanks to the exhibition 'The chemical world of illusions' you will definitely change your mind! Come and see intriguing experiments that will surprise you with unexpected effects. The organisers of the exhibition promise some fire and explosions!

These are just a few of the amazing shows that we have prepared for you in the exact sciences zone. See you!



The 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE and Festivals Expo are co-financed from the 'Social Responsibility of Science' programme of the Minister of Education and Science.

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