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What lectures await at the 6th ŚFN?

As the hosts of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, we have done our utmost to make sure lectures are interesting, cover intriguing problems and give satisfactory answers. Lectures take place in 20- and 40-minute sessions – depending on the activities at the Festival you have chosen, you can take part in a lecture that is most suitable to your personal schedule. From a wide array of our lectures, we have selected 10 activities that might be of particular interest to you!

If you are interested in:

●    the connection between physics and theology – choose the lecture ‘Quantum soul?’. What has the human soul in common with quantum mechanics? Can it be locked in the quantum-mechanical world? Quantum mechanics examine the human brain and MIND and contemplates whether the soul can be material. Let’s search together for ‘the other world’ and THE REALITY with which we can communicate – inside and outside ourselves. The lecture lasts 40 minutes.

●    space and time of doughnuts – choose the lecture ‘What does investing have to do with time travel, climate change and the snail shell?’. You don’t play the stock market? It’s fine! It appears that if you don’t eat a doughnut TODAY to buy it TOMORROW, we are investing all that time! An uneaten doughnut travels to the future through a magical portal. Can we then say that doughnuts travel in time? During the lecture, you will learn how doughnuts affect global warming and the financial market, which is as complex as a snail shell. The lecture lasts 20 minutes and requires prior registration!

●    women politics – choose the lecture ‘Women in politics: How to stand out in the men’s world?’. In the 21st century, politics is still considered an element of the men’s world, and women’s participation is strongly limited. What can a woman do so that she may stand out in the world of decision-making to the same extent as men? How should she be to keep her position? The lecture lasts 40 minutes and requires prior registration!

●    mafia psychology– choose the lecture ’Psychological profiling of groups as an element of the fight against organised crime’. Contemporary psychology sheds light on the communication between gang members. How to recognise the leader of a crime organisation? Together, we will discover the wild cards held by the greatest players in the security market. The lecture lasts 20 minutes.

●    confidence of speakers – choose the lecture ‘The superpower of language – how to recognise persuasion’. Not only Jedi knights can control minds. There is also another weapon that does equally good. Words. How to talk so we are listened to? What to do to recognise persuasion and not succumb to it easily? The lecture lasts 20 minutes.

●    (un)safe substances – choose the lecture ‘Aliens in our body’. Toxic substances are around us! Therefore, we must know how to detect, UNDERSTAND, and deal with them, so that they won’t harm us. The speaker will try to show you whether some seemingly beneficial actions may lead to undesired health consequences. The lecture lasts 40 minutes.

●    the Universe and its mysteries – choose the lecture ‘What has the James Webb space telescope revealed to us?’. The James Webb space telescope can conduct infrared observations of space while being one and a half million kilometres from Earth! And on the opposite side of the sun! The images by the largest in the history of mankind space telescope will show you the world from a new, unexplored side. It will be an out-of-the-world experience. The lecture lasts 40 minutes.

●    evolution of poisons – choose the lecture ‘First, do harm – a story about poisons’. Plants and animals can produce poisonous substances. What about us? People have been examining poisons since ever – they were learning how to extract them and have significantly developed poisoning methods. Join us on that unsettling adventure during which we will discover the dark side of cyanide, arsenic or polonium, as well as inconspicuous parsley, celery or crocodile faeces. The lecture lasts 40 minutes.

●    dialogue between notes and numbers – choose the lecture ‘Music under mathematician’s magnifying glass’. Artists with their heads in the clouds and down-to-earth mathematicians. An explosive mixture or a perfect combination? Discover it yourselves during a fascinating meeting between a mathematician and musicians who will try to prove that those two fields have a lot in common! The lecture lasts 40 minutes.

●    neuron’s intelligence – choose the lecture ‘Design your own artificial neural network’. The lecture is divided into three parts and will present the contemporary image of artificial intelligence. How do artificial neural networks work? What are they used for? If you take with you a device connected to the Internet, you will have an opportunity to design YOUR OWN neural network and test it supervised by specialists. The lecture lasts 20 minutes.

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