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Star Wars or Star Trek? You will surely find something interesting in the Technology Zone!

This year the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will offer you more than fantasy or sci-fi films. Just head over to the exhibition stand in the Technology Zone.

No matter if you see crystals as the source of power for witches or a fundamental element for the construction of lightsabers, you will certainly be fascinated with the science show combining chemistry, physics, and metallurgy entitled ‘The magic of crystals’, where you will have the opportunity to participate in the conducted experiments. However, if robots are more your thing, the ‘How do robots see our world?’ stand might interest you. There, you will see not only robotic vehicles but also robotic animals and a cleaning robot. But how do you make such robots? You will find this out, and learn a little bit about 3D printing and selective laser sintering, at the ‘Welcome to the world of technology and materials’ stand.


Meanwhile, the remarkable interactive show ‘System for collecting and analysing soil samples on a Mars rover’ will introduce you to the laboratory techniques that can be used to determine whether life could exist under given conditions — something we particularly recommend to all those who are planning a trip to Mars. However, if you prefer to stick to Earth, then we invite you to traverse the border between reality and the virtual space in the show entitled ‘VR in designing industrial plants’, where you will be able to test the VR devices and apps. But to get there, take the hydrogen train — a fantastic workshop will allow you to discover the answer to the question, ‘Can water fuel modern means of transport?’. These and many more attractions are waiting for you!

Metropolis GZM is a partner of the Technology Zone.

Papierowy model pojazdu latającego z czterema śmigłami i logotypem Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowskiej Metropolii

The 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE and Science Festivals EXPO are co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science under the ‘Social responsibility of Science’ programme.

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