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Unusual acts of creation in the Arts Zone

If you are an art enthusiast, then you will certainly fall in love with the attractions presented in this zone. Even if museums or art galleries are not your thing, you still should take a look at the fascinating acts of creation awaiting you during the Festival.

In the Arts Zone, we will prove to you that art doesn’t involve only paints and brushes. At the Game design from the inside stand, you will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of creating art and, first and foremost, you will be able to test your drawing abilities in the virtual space by creating your own game elements.

However, if you prefer working on something a little more material — you should try your hand at Live Graphics, where you will have the chance to design your unique artistic work, which you will carry out on a piece of paper... or on your bag!

In turn, those who find themselves among people who like to admire works of art rather than creating them, take a look at the exhibition entitled #atelier of unique works presents, where everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional artistic works created by students, e.g. portraits made from wool, soft sculptures, jewellery, and many more.

You will learn about the presence and its interpretation by admiring the fascinating exhibition entitled Traces of (IN)presence, centred around fingerprints and their meaning in contact with another human being.

If you remain unconvinced, then give the artists themselves a chance and visit them during ŚFN!



The 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE and Science Festivals EXPO are co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science under the ‘Social responsibility of Science’ programme.

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Akcesoria fotograficzne z dawnych lat, w tym dwa aparaty, zdjęcie leżące na gilotynie do papieru
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