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Show how science may change the world – submit your activities for the programme of 7th ŚFN!

Would you like to share your scientific or artistic achievements with a wide audience and take part in the event that will officially begin the celebration of the European City of Science 2024? Submit your proposed activities for the programme of the 7th edition of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE! The recruitment begins on Tuesday, 7 February and lasts until Sunday, 12 March.

The seventh edition of the Festival will be unique, particularly as it begins the celebration of the European City of Sciences Katowice 2024 under the slogan 'Science will give us future'. It is the success and popularity of the previous editions of the Festival that largely contributed to Katowice receiving this prestigious title as the first city in Central and Eastern Europe.

Including the EMN 2024 celebration as part of the 7th ŚFN will increase the scale of our event, providing it with a European dimension. Therefore, we are planning its organisation long in advance. The recruitment of activities is already open so we have more time to work on the programme. We hope that the presence of EMN 2024 will allow us to encourage an even broader group of scientists to co-create ŚFN and raise interest in science among more audiences. Thanks to this prestigious initiative we are growing stronger and bringing science even closer to people!


Novelty – thematic paths in the City of Science

There are several novelties in this year’s edition of ŚFN. One of them will be the thematic routes of the City of Science, through which we want to look for answers to the most important challenges and problems of the modern world. We want to inspire science enthusiasts to present through their disciplines new visions of the future, which will aim to improve the quality of our life and discover the unknown, with respect for the natural environment and for one another.

The thematic routes of the City of Science were created with a view to our recipients being able to take advantage of the activities and move around the festival space according to them. Our aim is to better adjust the ŚFN programme to the participants’ needs thanks to its clearer and more functional presentation on the website. Through thematic routes of the City of Science, we also want to inspire scientists, doctoral students, students, student research groups and all science enthusiasts who declare the willingness to participate actively in ŚFN to show their passions in a new, innovative idea.

The activities can be submitted within the framework of six thematic routes of the City of Science:


Sustainable development - sustainable Festival

As the organisers of one of the largest popular science events in Poland and Europe, we are convinced that all progress in science should contribute to the improvement of living conditions around the world. This is why we are asking all scientists who submit their activities to prepare them with a view to the implementation of UN sustainable development goals.

We want to contribute to promoting this agenda: transfer knowledge about the resulting opportunities and benefits on a global scale because the sustainable development concept is particularly close to us as science communicators. Within the framework of ŚFN, we present technical solutions in the field of social sciences, humanities and art, which may be used in achieving these objectives. We also constantly strive for a sustainable formula of the event itself. This is why a part of the Festival programme will be carried out under the slogan 'we develop sustainability'. By linking the submitted activities with specific UN sustainable development goals we want to provide our recipients with even greater freedom in selecting the activities that are interesting for them.

Broadening opportunities

During the 7th ŚFN, there will also be changes in the festival space. We can still expect activities in the form of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, exhibition stands etc. We are also planning to expand the event with new forms of knowledge presentation. One of them will be the Young Scientists’ Stage, where we want to distinguish the budding and ambitious science enthusiasts (by young scientists we understand individuals under 35 years old) and give them an opportunity to present their activities just like more experienced scientists do. Another change in the festival space will be the special zone where we will take a look at occupational diseases, with a particular focus on this issue in the Silesian context. Moreover, we are considering an even better adjustment of the programme to the needs of both scientists and visitors. Our goal is also to analyse the feedback from recipients and exhibitors concerning proper space arrangement, which would improve the experience of participating in ŚFN.

Recruitment for the 7th ŚFN will be different from the previous editions due to the limit of activities introduced. We decided to introduce this solution out of concern for the best possible participants’ involvement – we want to make it easier for them to take part in ŚFN, providing them with the possibility to use the offered activities as fully as possible. During the 6th ŚFN, we limited the number of exhibition stands to ensure more space for the visitors. However, after the latest edition, the participants and authors of activities suggested reducing the number of lectures and workshops too.

By introducing the limit we also wanted to motivate our exhibitors to share their knowledge in various ways. Therefore, we encourage you to submit new proposed activities or, which is particularly recommended, to modify the activities that proved to be successful during the previous editions of the Festival. The restrictions will depend on the number and innovativeness of applications, as well as the demand for space.

What and when? Recruitment schedule

The recruitment begins on Tuesday, 7 February and lasts until Sunday, 12 March. The further steps will be as follows:
– 2nd half of March: applications will be verified by producers;
– March-April: applications will be verified by the Organisational Office of ŚFN;
– 2nd half of April: applications will be verified by technical coordinators;
– May: implementation of the Office and coordinators’ comments by producers;
– May-June: verification of changes by coordinators;
– early June: The Office will take the final decision either to reject or accept activities for the ŚFN programme;

How to submit your activity?

Application form and Recruitment rules and regulations are available on the ŚFN website. Every person or unit will choose the category relevant to them: universities (applicable only for the universities which co-organise the Festival), sponsor/partner, other entities, and other scientific units (applicable for other universities, research institutes etc.). Please complete all fields concerning your activities, including the indication of any among the six thematic routes of the City of Science, which correspond to your application. Please also do the same in the case of indicating compliance with seventeen UN sustainable development goals.

Like in previous years, once you submit your activity, you will be contacted by producers and technical coordinators. We are currently working on a new, more efficient communication system in the Coffee system.

To make recruitment easier, we will soon publish Q&As and a tutorial on how to complete the application form and submit your activities step by step. The relevant information will be published on our website and social media.

If you have any questions, please contact the Organisational Office of ŚFN – by e-mail:, by phone: ul. Bankowa 12, or onsite: ul. Bankowa 12, room 0.14.
All science enthusiasts are encouraged to submit the proposed lectures, workshops, exhibition stands, exhibitions, artistic events and other kinds of science communication activities. We hope that we will be able to jointly celebrate our Silesian feast again - this time in the European City of Science!

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