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Basic recruitment of activities for the 7th ŚFN KATOWICE is now closed!

Recruitment of activities for the programme of the 7th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE finished on 12 March 2023. We would like to thank you for all the submissions — it’s wonderful that you are eager to share your artistic and scientific achievements with broader audiences! By becoming a part of the next edition of our Festival, you are promoting science and allowing even more people to take part in the amazing journey of discovering the world and ourselves!

In accordance with our recruitment calendar, the next stage will be the evaluation of the submissions by producers, which will take place in late March. Further information on the next steps and evaluation will be available on our website.

13–27.03: weryfikacja zgłoszeń przez producentów; 28.03–16.04: weryfikacja zgłoszeń przez Biuro Organizacyjne ŚFN; 10–30.04: weryfikacja zgłoszeń przez koordynatorów merytorycznych; 1–28.05: realizacja uwag Biura i koordynatorów przez producentów

We, once again, would like to thank you for answering the announced recruitment in such high numbers. We are planning the next edition of the Festival well in advance to prepare even better because the 7th ŚFN will be also the official start of the celebrations regarding Katowice receiving the title of the European City of Science 2024! The slogan of this unique event — ‘Science will give us future’ — reflects the Festival’s mission perfectly, as the Katowice was granted this title largely due to the event and the success of previous editions. Thanks to the EMN2024, the 7th ŚFN will take an international character, allowing us to promote science and discover its fascinating world on an even larger scale!

This year’s edition will feature a completely new element — six thematic routes of the City of Science. They will tell us about the most important problems facing the modern world and will present the tasks and challenges we have to tackle. Each of the City of Science’s thematic routes has its own name, corresponding to the specific area of interest it highlights. The submitted activities will be assigned to the corresponding paths — presented below — according to the topic of the research conducted:

•    Climate and Environment
•    Health and Quality of Life
•    Industries of the Future
•    Social Innovations
•    Industrial and Cultural Heritage
•    Creation and Criticism

We want passionate scientists — experts in their fields — to boldly present new visions of the future and ideas that can make a significant contribution to improving living conditions today and in the world to come. Together with scientists, doctoral students, students, student research groups, and all other people passionate about science, we will contribute towards discovering the things previously unknown and unstudied. The thematic routes of the City of Science are intended to make it easier for all Festival participants to enjoy the activities and attractions prepared — we hope that everyone will be able to easily find what interests them most.

One more new event will take place during the 7th edition of the Festival — the Young Scientists’ Stage In this way, we want to highlight young (up to 35 years old), ambitious but budding scientists and researchers to give them the opportunity to present their achievements alongside the research of experienced scientists.

To finish up, we would like to remind you of the UN’s idea of sustainable development, which is implemented by the KATOWICE Silesian Science Festival. We believe that every advance and success in science, even the smallest, should improve living conditions across the planet, which is why a certain part of the Festival will be accompanied by the slogan ‘In Support of Sustainable Development’. We eagerly await the next, 7th edition — the space where everyone will find the content interesting to them in an easy and inspiring way! This year, ŚFN will take place in the same (but not identical) place — let’s meet in the European City of Science!

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