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Environmental Diseases Zone — 2nd special zone at 7th ŚFN

What are environmental diseases? They are partial or direct consequences of exposure to harmful external factors. Their occurrence is directly connected with changes to the natural environment — its constant exploitation and unwise management of its resources lead to large-scale pollution, which seep into the ground, water, and air, and consequently to the human body. Living or working in such an environment for a long time can have serious consequences, these include cancers, genetic, respiratory, and nervous system diseases, as well as allergies and poisoning.

Engaged medicine comes out as an answer to this phenomenon. It researches the past to take care of the present and future well-being of society. The possibility to get ahead of potential environmental diseases (professional, industrial) and the ways of coping with them are often brought up as a topic of discussion in the medical community. This is why the 7th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE (9-11 December 2023) will feature a special zone dedicated to environmental diseases.

We would like to show how a conscious and attentive recognition of the diseases of industrial Silesia helps to develop appropriate strategies for their treatment and prevention by taking a closer look at the theoretical and practical side of the aforementioned engaged medicine. Due to Upper Silesia’s and Zagłębie’s specific status as an industrial region, and taking into account the negative impact of industrial pollution (e.g. mining dust) on the health of its residents, in this zone we will focus on learning about environmental diseases not only from a medical, but also from a social perspective. We will present concrete measures to help create a friendlier industrial environment aimed at taking care of the health and safety of the population (not only in Silesia!).

In addition to the Environmental Diseases Zone, the programme of the 7th ŚFN will feature a second special zone — the Motorsport Zone I will show you that science can be found in many different kinds of motorsports and that the technical solutions applied in this field find many uses also in our everyday lives. We will look at this part of motoring from a logistical, psychological, and physiological point of view, and together with experts we will learn many interesting facts about modern technology.

As you can see, special zones are a real speciality of our Festival! :-) Each edition introduces participants to a particular scientific field or noteworthy current social phenomenon in a unique way. Thanks to the events taking place within the special zones, each interested person can deepen their knowledge, learn about the newest research, and find out many interesting facts specially prepared by the experts. We would like to remind you what unique special zones we offered to visitors during the previous editions of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, take a look below:

● Cosmic Zone (3rd ŚFN) — it brought together all the researchers and visitors who share the passion for space! Visitors were able to get an up-close look at the Martian rovers and spacesuits, as well as attend interesting shows by the mobile Silesian Planetarium from Chorzów. Together we were able to listen to the talk with the first (and only!) Polish person in space — Mirosław Hermaszewski and the NASA astronaut Nicol Stott who has spent a total of 103 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 37 seconds in space!;

● Climate and Electromobility Zone (4th ŚFN) — introduced participants to environmentally friendly and non-harmful vehicles, i.e. motorbikes and electric cars, as well as solar aircraft. Visitors were able to see the University of Silesia balloon, which was made to explore the skies of the cities belonging to the Metropolis GZM;

● Stanisław Lem Zone (5th ŚFN) — introduced participants to the outstanding Polish writer and futurologist, Stanisław Lem. The zone was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth, which falls in 2021. All those interested in learning more about Stanisław Lem were able to attend interesting lectures and a debate on his life and work and take a look at the humanoid robot on display.

● City and Water Zone (5th ŚFN) — presented the zone’s theme, the Rawa River and its accompanying public space. Invited scientists talked about ways to study water - participants could really set up their workshop on the Rawa river! The activities taking place along its boulevards allowed us to see our city anew, from this ‘water’ perspective!

● Accessibility Zone (5th ŚFN) — focused on adapting everyday life (including online) to the needs of people with disabilities. As the festival is a place that excludes no one, visitors were able to experience the world from a different perspective — the aim of the zone was to highlight the help that people struggling with disabilities can receive.

● Coal Zone (6th ŚFN) – focused on the path taken by carbon over time, from the beginnings of life on our planet to our discovery of the universe. The zone attempted to bring the enormous role of this raw material closer to the public and looked at it from the perspective of different fields of knowledge and art.

The special zones have always been extremely popular with the festival audience and we are confident that the same will be true of the Motorsport Zone and Environmental Diseases Zone. We already would like to invite you to the International Congress Centre in Katowice on 9-11 December. See you there!

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