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Why Rawa?

We wanted to organise the nearest edition of ŚFN in the well-known building of International Congress Centre (MCK) in Katowice, but due to the still uncertain epidemic situation, we had to look for other solutions.

We do realise what the public image of Rawa is. Formally speaking, it’s not even a river. Our concept is very brave, even very brave, but we treat it as barely planned, but quite convenient opportunity to improve, at least to a degree, the opinion about Rawa among the inhabitants of Katowice and other cities of Metropolis GZM.

Is running a Festival in entirely new surroundings a challenge for us? Yes, a major one. As the team which has been organising ŚFN for several years, we started work with the conviction that the nearest edition of our Festival will be the first step on the way to create Science Zone, and starting in October this year, Rawa will begin to change permanently and irreversibly – and only for better.


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