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6th ŚFN KATOWICE: date announced!

The sixth edition of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will take place from 3 to 5 December 2022. We are returning to the International Congress Centre!

Although the fifth, open-air edition of our Festival was exceptional in many respects and met with an enthusiastic reception among both guests and participants, the time has come to return to our festival home. ŚFN in its outdoor version was a great adventure and an extremely valuable experience, which we will try to put to good use in the near future (stay tuned!). 

For those who crave knowledge and entertainment

The recruitment of activities for the festival programme is over – so we can confirm that, as usual, it will include hundreds of events promoting science and art. You can therefore expect numerous lectures, workshops, exhibitions, exhibition stands, meetings with a large number of special guests from Poland and abroad, and many other attractions. The festival will once again feature remarkable, passionate, and remarkably passionate people, i.e. amateur inventors (in the OFF Science – Review of Garage Inventions competition) and science communicators (in the POP Science competition). Some of the activities will require prior registration, which will most likely be launched in the autumn. We are currently working on the event schedule.

Coal – our hero, our challenge

All festival attractions will take place in over a dozen thematic zones devoted to particular fields of knowledge: humanities and social sciences, exact sciences, technology, natural sciences, medicine and health, and art. We will also present a special zone with coal as the “protagonist” – the raw material on which the Upper Silesian region was built in the past and whose future remains difficult to determine. Aware of the complexity of this issue, we want to present it in many different contexts – for example by looking at it through the lens of the extraordinary culture that has emerged around the mining process itself. We will also try to look at the cutting-edge applications of coal proposed by science. There is no better place for this than Upper Silesia, and no better occasion than St. Barbara's Day, which falls on 4 December.

Stages full of science

It is hard to imagine any festival without a stage – it is the absolute foundation of this type of event. In the case of the ŚFN KATOWICE, they play a key role in the presentation of our extensive programme. During the 6th ŚFN, we will have several such spots, including the absolutely exceptional Copernicus Stage. True to its name, it will take us to the stars and further beyond. Lectures on space and astronomy will serve as good preparation for the year 2023, which marks the 550th anniversary of the birth of this great astronomer.

6th ŚFN – what's new?

Among the new features will be two unique stages: The “Science. I like it” Stage, run by Tomasz Rożek, PhD, a well-known and popular science communicator, science journalist, and ŚFN Ambassador, and the Belonging Stage, a place for discussing difficult topics, which we, as people, have to deal with more and more often in the contemporary world: wars, refugee crises, traumas, trying to find oneself in a new place, tolerance, acceptance, and identity. 

The layout of the festival space, referring to the City of Science, will give us a glimpse of how we intend to change Katowice's urban space in 2024 when the city will claim the title of the European City of Science.

An absolute novelty will be the Festivals Expo Zone. We will invite science communicators from Polish and foreign science festivals and ask them to prepare their most attractive exhibition stands and their most impressive experiments. The best ones will receive prizes!

The Brainary – ŚFN all year round

We aim to make the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE last all year round, not just for those few days in December. That is why we would like to offer you a visit to our “Brainary, a library for the brain”. On the ŚFN website in the “Mózgo-teka” tab, you will find lectures recorded during the fifth edition of the festival. The database already contains several dozen entries and will be systematically updated with new materials. Currently, the Brainary is only available in Polish, but the English version will soon be added as well.

The 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE is organised by: the University of Silesia in Katowice (leader and initiator of the event), the City of Katowice (host city), Metropolis GZM and the Marshall Office of the Silesian Voivodeship (co-hosts), as well as the Silesian University of Technology, the Medical University of Silesia, Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, the Częstochowa University of Technology, the University of Economics in Katowice, the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Bielsko-Biała University, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

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