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5. ŚFN

Przedłużamy nabór do kolejnej edycji Konkursu OFF Science – Przegląd Garażowych Wynalazków

Już po raz czwarty poszukujemy przedstawicieli społeczności wynalazców-amatorów, którzy chcieliby pochwalić się efektami swoich prac przed szerszą publicznością – w tym wypadku przed publicznością piątej edycji Śląskiego Festiwalu Nauki KATOWICE.


A Bigger Picture - an interview with Bernadette Murphy, a world-famous expert on Vincent van Gogh

Many years ago, she moved from her native Ireland to Provence and settled near Arles, where well-known events in Vincent van Gogh’s life took place over 130 years ago. She followed in the painter’s footsteps for seven years, explaining a number of mysteries surrounding his life on the way, including the famous self-mutilation. The effect of her work is the book called Van Gogh’s Ear: The True Story (Ucho Van Gogha: prawdziwa historia), which received a great deal of publicity among modern art experts and found readers all over the world. We talked to Bernadette Murphy, a special guest of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, about Vincent’s life in Provence, work at the border of history, criminal investigation, art and writing, as well as about her new project with Sosnowiec in the background.


A healthy diet does not have to involve sacrifices - interview with Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr, guest of the 5th ŚFN

The word diet sounds ominous. It is associated with sacrifices, holding back from eating tasty foods, time-consuming meal preparation, and expensive ingredients. However, eating healthy does not have to involve sacrifices, and tasty dishes can be prepared quickly without having to slim down your wallet. Katarzyna Błażejewska- Stuhr, a clinical dietician and psychodietitian, co-founder of the foundation "Kobiety bez diety" [lit. Women without a diet], as well as the author of several books on healthy eating and a guest of the 5th KATOWICE Silesian Science Festival, convinces us that a healthy diet is not as scary as we might think.


Space can have a therapeutic effect - interview with Joanna Jurga, PhD, a guest at the 5th ŚFN

Joanna Jurga, PhD, designs spaces for isolated living. She is the author of many architectural projects. Currently, she is researching human senses, the sense of security in earthly and cosmic conditions and in isolation. She teaches how to change private and public spaces to serve people and have a positive impact on their well-being. She was a guest at the 5th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE.


Critique is also a form of science communication

The Science Popularization Centre of the Silesian University of Technology (CPN) brings to light the scientific potential of the university. According to Aleksandra Ziembińska-Buczyńska – Co-founder of CPN, after five years of operation, the Centre managed to successfully inform local residents that science communication does not involve the promotion of science but also its critique.


We were at Expo 2020 in Dubai!

Scientists from the University of Silesia, Jerzy Jarosz, PhD, Associate Professor from the Institute of Physics, Małgorzata Karolus, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, and Izabela Matuła, MSc Eng. from the Institute of Materials Engineering, represented the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE during the Silesian Regional Week in the Polish Pavilion - an exhibition promoting our country at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Between 27 January and 2 February, employees of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia conducted there a series of workshops for children.


Recruitment of activities for the 6th ŚFN: an opportunity to receive funding from the University of Silesia

The recruitment of exhibitors for the 6th edition of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE started on 15 January and will last until 28 February 2022. All persons submitting activities affiliated with the University of Silesia may apply for funding for the proposed activities.

A few requirements must be met in order to receive funding:


“Water Awareness” on the Rawa River - an unusual project by Jagoda Woźna

Walking along the Rawa boulevards, you cannot help but feel that they have become a little more... colourful. It is the work of Jagoda Woźna, who painted the benches, pavement tiles and walls with a number of colourful designs. Her “Świadomość wody” (Water Awareness) project, prepared for the 5th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE intends to promote interaction between the river flowing here, somewhat concealed, and a stream of passers-by.


„Świadomość wody” nad Rawą – niecodzienny projekt Jagody Woźny

Spacerując bulwarami Rawy, nie sposób nie odnieść wrażenia, że zrobiło się tam nieco bardziej… kolorowo. Wielobarwne ławki, płytki chodnikowe i murki to dzieło Jagody Woźny. Jej projekt „Świadomość wody”, który powstał z myślą o 5. Śląskim Festiwalu Nauki KATOWICE ma na celu stworzenie interakcji między płynącą tutaj – nieco ukrytą – rzeką a strumieniem przechodniów.


EXPO 2020: University of Silesia and ŚFN representatives at the World Expo in Dubai

The Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE has been invited by the Marshall Office of the Silesian Voivodeship to act as the ambassador of our voivodship during the Silesian Regional Week in the Polish Pavilion - the space in which we present our country during the World Expo 2020 taking place in Dubai. Scientists from the University of Silesia will go all the way to the United Arab Emirates to represent the ŚFN.



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