Concert by Fisz Emade Tworzywo at the 6th ŚFN

The first day of the Silesian Science Festival will conclude with a performance by Fisz Emade Tworzywo at the International Congress Centre. The concert is free of charge, you however have to download a free entry pass — a link to the relevant form is provided below.


Star Wars or Star Trek? You will surely find something interesting in the Technology Zone!

This year the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will offer you more than fantasy or sci-fi films. Just head over to the exhibition stand in the Technology Zone.


What lectures await at the 6th ŚFN?

As the hosts of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, we have done our utmost to make sure lectures are interesting, cover intriguing problems and give satisfactory answers. Lectures take place in 20- and 40-minute sessions – depending on the activities at the Festival you have chosen, you can take part in a lecture that is most suitable to your personal schedule. From a wide array of our lectures, we have selected 10 activities that might be of particular interest to you!


Plenty of attractions in exact sciences zone at 6th ŚFN!

In the Exact Sciences Zone, you can meet scientists from various fields (such as chemistry, computer science or astronautics), who have prepared lots of fascinating activities.


ŚFN ambassadors at the 6th edition!

Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE ambassadors are associated with different disciplines of science and art, which they also actively communicate. Their support for the Festival in the form of participation or promotion of the event is particularly valuable.


Free ZTM public transport during 6th ŚFN!

The 6th edition of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will take place in the centre of Katowice – at the International Congress Centre. To ensure smooth and comfortable access for yourself, the best idea is to arrive at ŚFN by ZTM public transport!


Festivals EXPO in the programme of 6th ŚFN!

Festivals EXPO will consist of two parts: programme for delegates, very well-known from the previous editions, which will be attended by representatives of organisational offices of science festivals, and a complete novelty, i.e. Science Expo.


Science should be accessible to everyone!

We organise an event celebrating science, believing that no architectural, communication, mental or financial barriers should prevent people with disabilities from accessing education and the results of scientific research!


Learn the secrets of the human body in the Medicine and Health Zone

Go with us on an amazing journey through the secrets and recesses of the human body! Come to the Medicine and Health Zone at the 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, where you will learn how our bodies function and what to do to take care of your own health. You will also learn what the work of medics looks like!


Dr Sławosz Uznański gościem specjalnym 6. ŚFN KATOWICE!

Jako jedyny Polak został wybrany do nowej klasy astronautów Europejskiej Agencji Kosmicznej ESA – dr Sławosz Uznański będzie gościem specjalnym szóstej edycji festiwalu. Astronauta weźmie udział w licznych aktywnościach.



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